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hello, this is my personal website that i designed using primarily html and css i wrote myself, with some exceptions (like my mouse sparkles!) you can sign my guestbook here. i am working on adding new pages to this site.

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my name is zélie, and i am a 30 year old woman living in massachusetts, usa. in my spare time i like to improve and work on this site. i also like making creative things in general. i use she/her pronouns, and i am a queer bisexual cis girl. i am autistic, and have some other developmental disabilities, but i primarily deal with chronic physical and mental illnesses. i have two esa (emotional support animal) cats, sabrina and xena and i love them dearly. i am a retired sworker, it's likely you've seen me naked online at some point. you're welcome.
xoxo, zélie

last updated september 27th 2022
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